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Heathrow Airport Christmas Advert 2016

We are excited to announce that the UK’s biggest airport, Heathrow, have launched their Christmas advert using the Demon Music Group controlled track, Chas & Dave’s “I’m Going Back” for the ad’s soundtrack.

You can view the advert here:

The ad, entitled ‘Bear For Home’ has attracted much attention in the press and even TV’s Zooey Deschanel has shared the holiday feels with her 6.2 million Facebook followers.

To date, the video on Heathrow’s official Facebook page has reached 7 million views, with 151k shares and 77k likes whilst the official Heathrow YouTube video is currently at 3.5 million views.

The ad has been covered in the Telegraph, Mail Online, Evening Standard, Express, Metro and has even reached CBS to name but a few.

Yahoo News has stated that the ad “might just be the best Christmas ad of the year” and the opinion polls on The Telegraph’s website certainly indicate that the public agree!

The ad has been a big hit on Twitter, prompting many people to tweet their own pictures of family members arriving home for Christmas using the hashtag #BestGiftOfAll

Bear For Home will be hitting UK TV screens soon! For more information on the ad, you can visit Heathrow’s Microsite


Heathrow Airport Christmas Advert 2016