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#RSD18 – Gary Crowley’s Punk & New Wave Track Listing

#countdowntoRSD Here’s a look at the gorgeous Gary Crowley’s Punk & New Wave #RSD18 Exclusive! Take a look at the tracklisting:

A1. Alternative TV – How Much Longer
A2. The Carpettes – Small Wonder
A3. Eater – Thinking of the USA
A4. The Fall – It’s The New Thing
A5. TV 21 – Ambition
A6. The Drones – Bone Idol
A7. The Nips- All The Time In The World
A8. The Circles – Opening Up
B1. Fast Cars – The Kids Just Wanna Dance
B2. The Negatives – Love Is Not Real
B3. Girls At Our Best – Getting Nowhere Fast
B4. The Doubt – Time Out
B5. The Letters Nobody Loves Me
B6. Perfectors – YT502951D
B7. Spizzenergi – Soldier Soldier
B8. Apocalypse – Teddy

C1. The Skids – Charles
C2. The Tights – Howard Hughes
C3. The Form – Start Again
C4. The Head – Nothing To Do In a Town Like Leatherhead
C5. The Teenage Filmstars – I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
C6. The Plague – In Love
C7. Disguise – Juvenile Delinquent
D1. Really 3rds – Everyday, Everyway
D2. The Crack – Easy Street
D3. Bleeding Hearts – This is the Way…OK?
D4. Knife Edge – Say You Will
D5. The Tea Set – Parry Thomas
D6. The Zips – Take Me Down
D7. Generation X – Wild Dub


#RSD18 – Gary Crowley’s Punk & New Wave Track Listing