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Victoria Wood

Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV (2LP Green & Brown Vinyl)

Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV (2LP Green & Brown Vinyl)

Victoria Wood

  1. Monologue – “Look, I’m in a muddle…”
  2. Doorbells
  3. Continuity Announcer
  4. Spaghetti
  5. Medical School
  6. Acorn Antiques
  7. Kitty
  8. Cosmetic Surgery
  9. He Didn’t
  10. Monologue – “I’m meeting a man tonight…”
  11. Song: The Ballad of Barry and Freda
  12. Monologue – “I’ve only just got here…”
  13. Turkish Bath
  14. Country Life
  15. Song: Pissed Off With Love
  16. Acorn Antiques
  17. Kitty
  18. Continuity Announcer
  19. Office Gossip
  20. The Mayflower Hotel
  21. He Didn’t
  22. Monologue – “There’s something funny going on tonight...”
  23. Continuity Announcer
  1. Monologue – “Ooh, I’m tired...”
  2. Continuity announcer
  3. Self-Service
  4. Real Life
  5. Service Wash
  6. Song: Crush
  7. Kitty
  8. Carl and Gail
  9. The Reporter
  10. Dandruff Commercial
  11. Monologue – “Listen, a terrible thing’s happened to me...”
  12. Continuity announcer
  13. Monologue – “Hey, I bought an Old Moore’s Almanack…”
  14. Continuity announcer
  15. Supermarket Checkout
  16. Giving Notes
  17. Continuity announcer
  18. Acorn Antiques
  19. Kitty
  20. Carl and Gail
  21. No Gossip
  22. Monologue – “Ugh! Have I got a red face?”
  23. Song: Shopping

About this release

Sketches and songs from the much-loved BBC TV series, written by and starring Victoria Wood presented on Green and Brown vinyl for the first time.

“Not bleakly – not meekly – beat me on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly…”

It’s got to be one of the most celebrated comedy songs in recent history. The Ballad of Barry and Freda (AKA Let’s Do It) – originated in Victoria Wood’s groundbreaking television series As Seen On TV. It’s just one of the many treasures on this double vinyl LP release, which also boasts a plethora of Victoria’s best-remembered comedy sketches.

Written by and starring Victoria herself, the sketches also feature Julie Walters in an array of comedic guises, perhaps most memorably as Mrs Overall in the soap opera spoof Acorn Antiques. With Celia Imrie as Miss Babs, Duncan Preston as Mr Clifford, Susie Blake as a perpetually snooty continuity announcer, Patricia Routledge as agony aunt Kitty, and a riotous supporting cast, the scene is set for an affectionately biting send-up of 1980s TV.

Two 140g vinyl LPs (one green and one brown) are presented in a wittily illustrated gatefold sleeve, featuring images from the TV series. Cast and credits are accompanied by an exclusive sleeve note by Jasper Rees, author of the bestselling Let’s Do It: The Authorised Biography of Victoria Wood and Victoria Wood Unseen on TV. Two full colour inner sleeves supply a complete track listing.