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UK Subs

U.K. Subs: A Punk Rock Anthology – 1978-2017 (2CD)

U.K. Subs: A Punk Rock Anthology – 1978-2017 (2CD)

UK Subs

  1. C.I.D. (Single Version)
  2. Live In A Car (Single Version)
  3. Stranglehold (Single Version)
  4. World War (Single Version)
  5. Rockers (Single Version)
  6. Tomorrows Girls (Single Version)
  7. Scum Of The Earth
  8. Telephone Numbers
  9. Crash Course
  10. She’s Not There
  11. Kicks (Single Version)
  12. Warhead (Single Version)
  13. Brand New Age
  14. Barbie’s Dead
  15. Emotional Blackmail
  16. Teenage (Single Version)
  17. Left For Dead
  18. New York State Police
  19. Party In Paris (Single Version)
  20. You Don’t Belong
  21. Time And Matter
  22. Keep On Running (Til You Burn)
  23. Plan Of Action
  24. Endangered Species
  25. Down On The Farm
  26. Another Typical City
  27. Flood Of Lies
  28. In The Wild
  1. Anti-Warfare
  2. This Gun Says
  3. Rock N Roll Savage
  4. Motivator (Single Version)
  5. Drag Me Down
  6. Another Cuba (Demo Version)
  7. Jodie Foster
  8. Here Comes Alex
  9. Mohawk Radio
  10. Darkness
  11. DF 118
  12. Bitter & Twisted
  13. Riot
  14. UK Subversives
  15. Reclaim The Street
  16. Drunken Sailor
  17. Devolution
  18. Soho
  19. Fragile
  20. 666Yeah
  21. Creation
  22. Hell Is Other People
  23. Monkeys
  24. Sick Velveteen
  25. Deconstruct
  26. Rebellion Song
  27. I’ve Got A Gun
  28. The Beast

About this release

This 56 track 2CD collection is the first to cover the entire career of Punk legends the U.K. Subs. It includes the hit singles “Stranglehold”(No.26), “Tomorrows Girls” (No.28), “She’s Not There” (No.36), “Warhead” (No.30), “Teenage” (No.32), “Party In Paris” (No.37) and “Keep On Running” (No.41).

Tracks are culled from across the band’s 40 plus year career that saw them release an album for each letter of the alphabet! From 1978’s “Another Kind Of Blues” through to 2015’s “Ziezo”.