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Le Flex

Le Flex…To Be Continued (2CD) SIGNED EDITION

Le Flex…To Be Continued (2CD) SIGNED EDITION

Le Flex

  1. Take You Out (Feel Good)
  2. Meet Me On The Dancefloor
  3. And Then We Kiss
  4. Move With Me
  5. Falling
  6. Love 2 U
  7. Lovewitchu
  8. In The Rain
  9. Since You Left Me Lonely
  10. In My Dreams With You
  11. Sway
  12. Feels Like Ooh
  13. This Is Love
  14. Close Enough For Love
  15. Alone Together
  16. Take My Hand
  17. I'll Never Find A Better Love
  18. Kiss Me
  1. Back To Love
  2. 1000 Nights
  3. I'll Be Good To You
  4. Trulove
  5. Adored
  6. Take Good Care Of My Heart
  7. Clouds Across The Moon
  8. Love Has Come
  9. I Thought It Was You
  10. When I Saw Your Face [Full Version]
  11. Love You Tonight
  12. Lover Like No Other
  13. Where I Wanna Be Tonight
  14. Thinking Of You
  15. How Insensitive
  16. Someone
  17. Georgy Porgy
  18. For Sure [Full Version]

About this release

SIGNED LIMITED EDITION: With more than 60 MILLION STREAMS across his catalogue listened to by fans all around the world, ‘…TO BE CONTINUED’ is the best ‘greatest hits’ album that you’ve never heard!

This 36-track, 2CD collection, with a brand new floorfiller, features his most popular tracks and fans’ favourites, and as this is his first Physical release album to celebrate, LE FLEX has signed this Limited Edition.

Although LE FLEX clearly states that “I just make Pop music”, his 6 EPs and 6 Studio albums are nothing short of serious and brilliantly creative blends of nudisco, poolside vibes and slow-jams but retaining the essence of his familiar ‘80s synthpop/dance-based infusions. The accompanying videos are purely tongue-in-cheek, with more than a smattering of self-deprecation, as you will see on his dedicated YouTube channel.

Judging by the comments from long-established fans and music lovers from around the world, discovering LE FLEX for the first time, they are quick to state that his vocal inflections share more than a passing resemblance to George Michael, an icon about whom LE FLEX modestly says, “I’m not fit to shine his shoes”.

LE FLEX is a renowned Producer with his popularity rising, having worked with Jaki Graham, Lemar and Ben Macklin and was commissioned to produce new Donna Summer remixes in 2020.

Released across 2CDs, if you fancy summery escapism, there aren’t many better ways than doing so than with LE FLEX!