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New Wave

These Animal Men

These Animal Men: Too Sussed / Taxi For These Animal Men (1LP)

These Animal Men: Too Sussed / Taxi For These Animal Men (1LP)

These Animal Men

  1. Too Sussed? (Live)
  2. Speeed King
  3. Jobs For The Boys
  4. Who’s The Daddy Now?
  5. You’re Not My Babylon
  6. You’re Always Right
  7. Nowhere Faces
  8. My Human Remains
  9. False Identification
  10. Wait For it

About this release

These Animal Men were one of the bands who lit up the British music scene in the mid-90s in a way no one was expecting…

Heralded by the NME in January 1994 as part of the ‘New Wave Of New Wave’ — a term dreamed up by the music journalist Paul Moody — These Animal Men & S*M*A*S*H were at the vanguard of a crop of bands who drew on the late 1970s punk explosion for inspiration.

These recordings capture a time in British music when it was trying to find its way through the thick hair of grunge, that eventually made its way to the birth and popularity of bands such a Blur, Oasis and Pulp.

Too Sussed? was the band’s debut mini album released in 1994 and this release is backed with Taxi For These Animal Men which was released a year later. Featuring some of the band’s biggest tracks such as You’re Always Right, Speeed King and You’re Not My Babylon!

Two mini albums pressed back-to-back and released together on 140g Black Vinyl with printed inner sleeve, archive photos and lyrics.