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The Tremeloes

The Tremeloes: Gold (1LP Gold Vinyl)

The Tremeloes: Gold (1LP Gold Vinyl)

The Tremeloes

  1. Here Comes My Baby
  2. Silence Is Golden
  3. Even The Bad Times Are Good
  4. Suddenly You Love Me
  5. My Little Lady
  6. Hello World
  7. Good Day Sunshine
  8. (Call Me) Number One
  9. Me And My Life
  10. Hello Buddy
  11. Helule Helule
  12. I Shall Be Released

About this release

The group formed in the early 1960s, taking inspiration from Buddy Holly as well as their fellow British beat groups. After the departure of their front-man, Brian Poole, the Tremeloes began a career of their own and achieved an impressive 22 UK top 40 singles. This definitive ‘Gold’ collection features 12 tracks including hit singles and fan favourites.

Side A includes all 3 of the Tremeloes’ gold-certified singles; ‘Here Comes My Baby’, ‘Silence Is Golden’ and ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’ whilst Side B gathers up some fan favourites such as a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘I Shall Be Released’ and the Beatles’ ‘Good Day Sunshine’.

Pressed on 180g heavyweight gold-coloured vinyl, housed in a printed inner sleeve

Also available as a comprehensive 3CD set featuring 45 tracks

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