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The Rubettes

The Rubettes: Gold

The Rubettes: Gold

The Rubettes

  1. Sugar Baby Love
  2. Way Back In The Fifties
  3. Rock Is Dead
  4. Tonight
  5. Rumours
  6. For Ever
  7. Rock & Roll Survival
  8. Saturday Night
  9. Juke Box Jive
  10. The Sha Na Na Song
  11. Something’s Coming Over Me
  12. I Can Do It
  13. Don’t Do It Baby
  14. At The High School Hop Tonight
  15. When You're Falling In Love
  16. If You’ve Got The Time
  17. Beggarman
  18. Judy Run Run
  1. Foe Dee Oh Dee
  2. My Buddy Holly Days
  3. Put A Back Beat To That Music
  4. Play The Game
  5. Little Darling
  6. I’m Just Dreaming
  7. Out In The Cold
  8. Dark Side Of The World
  9. Sign Of The Times
  10. Dancing In The Rain
  11. The Way You Live
  12. You’re The Reason Why
  13. Julia
  14. Summertime Rock 'N' Roll
  15. Under One Roof
  16. Ooh La La
  17. Ladies Of Laredo - Radio Version
  18. Allez Oop
  1. Baby I Know
  2. Rock 'N' Roll Queen
  3. Come On Over
  4. Cherie Amour
  5. Sometime In Oldchurch
  6. Goodbye Dolly Gray
  7. Little 69
  8. No No Cherie
  9. When Hays Was Young
  10. Movin’
  11. Lola
  12. Stay With Me
  13. Kid Runaway
  14. Shangri’ La
  15. Misbehavin’
  16. One Way Traffic

About this release

Crimson Gold presents The Rubettes ‘Gold’, the only Rubettes compilation you’ll ever need.

The Rubettes first release in 1974 was an instant smash hit, ‘Sugar Baby Love’ which reached #1 in the UK charts and stayed there for 5 weeks. The band continued to release many more hits and this new Gold title features a comprehensive overview of The Rubettes career.

The ‘Gold’ Collection includes 52 tracks; including 9 top 40 UK singles.

CD1 includes the UK #1 single ‘Sugar Baby Love’, ‘Juke Box Jive’ (No.3), ‘I Can Do It’ (No.7), ‘Tonight’ (No.12).

CD 2 includes ‘Foe Dee O Dee’ (No.15), ‘You’re The Reason Why’ (No.28), ‘Little Darling’ (No. 30) and ‘ Under One Roof’ (No.40). CD 3 includes ‘Baby I Know’ (No.10).