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Leo Sayer

Leo Sayer: The London Years 1973-1975 (3LP Clear Vinyl)

Leo Sayer: The London Years 1973-1975 (3LP Clear Vinyl)

Leo Sayer

  1. Innocent Bystander
  2. Goodnight Old Friend
  3. Drop Back
  4. Silverbird
  5. The Show Must Go On
  6. The Dancer
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Don’t Say It’s Over
  9. Slow Motion
  10. Oh Wot A Life
  11. Why Is Everybody Going Home
  1. Telepath
  2. Train
  3. The Bells Of St. Mary’s
  4. One Man Band
  5. In My Life
  6. When I Came Home This Morning
  7. Long Tall Glasses
  8. Another Time
  9. Solo
  10. Giving It All Away
  1. Bedsitterland
  2. Unlucky In Love
  3. The Last Gig of Johnny B. Goode
  4. On The Old Dirt Road
  5. I Will Not Stop Fighting
  6. Moonlighting
  7. Streets Of Your Town
  8. The Kids Grown Up
  9. Only Dreaming
  10. Another Year

About this release

‘The London Years 1973-1975’ is the first of a series of three Vinyl LP box sets, to be released over the next year.

‘The London Years 1973-1975’ comprises Leo’s first three LPs three studio albums. ‘Silverbird’ (released 1973/UK #2) and ‘Just A Boy’ (released 1974/UK #4) – which featured cover versions of two songs written by Leo Sayer for The Who’s lead vocalist Roger Daltrey’s debut album, ‘Daltrey’ – were co-produced by Adam Faith and David Courtney, with ‘Another Year’ (released 1975/UK #8) being co-produced by Adam Faith with Russ Ballard.

Each individually numbered vinyl LP Box set in this Limited Edition release, will be pressed on heavyweight 180g clear vinyl and contain a signed 12”x12” print. Many of the lyrics from this incredible body of work are still relevant today, reminding the music world that Leo Sayer is one of the UK’s great singer/songwriters of all time.

This project has been overseen by Leo Sayer.