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Folk Rock

Judy Collins

Judy Collins: The Elektra Albums Vol. 2 1970-1984 (9CD)

Judy Collins: The Elektra Albums Vol. 2 1970-1984 (9CD)

Judy Collins

  1. A Song For David
  2. Sons Of
  3. The Patriot Game
  4. Prothalamium
  5. Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
  6. Gene's Song
  7. Farewell To Tarwathie
  8. Time Passes Slowly
  9. Marieke
  10. Nightingale I
  11. Nightingale II
  12. Simple Gifts
  13. Amazing Grace
  1. Joan Of Arc
  2. Four Strong Winds
  3. Vietnam Love Song
  4. Innisfree
  5. Song For Judith (Open The Door)
  6. All Things Are Quite Silent
  7. Easy Times
  8. Chelsea Morning
  9. Famous Blue Raincoat
  10. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  1. Cook With Honey
  2. So Begins The Task
  3. Fishermen Song
  4. The Dealer (Down And Losin')
  5. Secret Gardens
  6. Holly Ann
  7. The Hostage
  8. Song For Martin
  9. Ché
  1. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
  2. Angel Spread Your Wings
  3. Houses
  4. The Lovin' Of The Game
  5. Song For Duke
  6. Send In The Clowns
  7. Salt Of The Earth
  8. Brother, Can You Spare A Dime
  9. City Of New Orleans
  10. I'll Be Seeing You
  11. Pirate Ships
  12. Born To The Breed
  1. Bread and Roses
  2. Everything Must Change
  3. Special Delivery
  4. Out Of Control
  5. Plegaria A Un Labrador (Prayer To A Laborer)
  6. Come Down In Time
  7. Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
  8. I Didn't Know About You
  9. Take This Longing
  10. Love Hurts
  11. Marjorie
  12. King David
  1. Hard Times For Lovers
  2. Marie
  3. Happy End
  4. Desperado
  5. I Remember Sky
  6. Starmaker
  7. Dorothy
  8. I'll Never Say Goodbye [Theme from the Universal Picture "The Promise"]
  9. Through The Eyes Of Love [Theme from the Columbia Picture "Ice Castles"]
  10. Where Or When
  1. Running For My Life
  2. Bright Morning Star
  3. Green Finch And Linnet Bird
  4. Marieke
  5. Pretty Women
  6. Almost Free
  7. I Could Really Show You Around
  8. I've Done Enough Dyin' Today
  9. Anyone Would Love You
  10. The Rainbow Connection
  11. This Is The Day
  12. Wedding Song
  1. Great Expectations
  2. The Rest Of Your Life
  3. Grandaddy
  4. It's Gonna Be One Of Those Nights
  5. Memory
  6. Sun Son
  7. Mama Mama
  8. Drink A Round To Ireland
  9. Angel On My Side
  10. Don't Say Goodbye Love
  1. Only You
  2. Sweetheart On Parade
  3. Everybody Works In China
  4. Yellow Kimono
  5. From Where I Stand
  6. Home Again [with T.G. Sheppard]
  7. Shoot First
  8. Don't Say Love
  9. Dream On
  10. The Best Is Yet To Come

About this release

• This collection gathers together the nine albums that Judy Collins recorded during the 70s and 80s. They were all made for Jac Holzman’s farsighted Elektra Records, a label she helped to shape in the 60s in her first decade as a recording artist through her adventurous spirit. Her forte was imaginatively interpreting songs by her peers and she helped launch the careers of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Phil Ochs, Gordon Lightfoot, Tom Paxton, Randy Newman, Jacques Brel, Donovan, Sandy Denny and Bob Dylan.

She continued this trend with her first album of the 70s, “Whales & Nightingales”, although the biggest song on it dated from 1779. Originally charting at # 5 in the UK singles chart, Judy’s acappella version of “Amazing Grace” remained in the UK chart for two years.

There were many more notable recordings: 1975’s “Judith” features her definitive version of the Stephen Sondheim classic “Send In the Clowns”, which reached # 6 on the UK singles chart. And her last Elektra album starts with her cover of Yazoo’s “Only You”.

The artwork has been put together by acknowledged Elektra collector Phil Smee. The albums are in CD-sized facsimiles of the original sleeves, along with a booklet that compiles the credits and liner notes from those sleeves plus a note by Mick Houghton, author of “Becoming  Elektra: The True Story of Jac Holzman’s Visionary Record Label”.

This box contains these eight albums: Whales & Nightingales, Living, True Stories And Other Dreams, Judith, Bread And Roses, Hard Times For Lovers, Running For My Life, Times Of Our Lives, and Home Again.