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Tucky Buzzard

The Complete Tucky Buzzard (5LP)

The Complete Tucky Buzzard (5LP)

Tucky Buzzard

  1. Suite
  2. Coming On Again [Part 1]
  3. For Maryse
  4. Over The Hill
  5. Coming On Again [Part 2]
  6. Believe Me
  7. Here I Am
  8. You’re All Alone
  9. You Never Will
  10. Free Ticket
  11. Lady Fair
  1. Time Will Be Your Doctor
  2. Stainless Steel Lady
  3. Sally Shotgun
  4. Gu Gu Gu
  5. My Friend
  6. Pisces Apple Lady
  7. She’s Meat
  8. Ace The Face
  9. Whisky Eyes
  10. Rolling Cloud
  1. Mistreating Woman
  2. (She’s A) Striker
  3. Fill You In
  4. Need Your Love
  5. Which Way, When For Why
  6. Burnin’
  7. Heartbreaker
  8. Sky Balloon
  9. Ain’t Too Soon
  1. Can’t Live Without It
  2. Fast Bluesy Woman
  3. Gold Medallions
  4. All I Want Is Your Love
  5. Rainbow Rider
  6. “Rudi” Movie Star
  7. Pictures
  8. Last War
  1. Who Do You Love
  2. Run In The Mornin’
  3. Hanging On In There (Waiting For You To Come)
  4. Superboy Rock n’ Roller ‘73
  5. Bo-Bo’s Hampton
  6. Wine And Wimmin
  7. Superfine Lady
  8. Near To Me
  9. Shy Boy

About this release

Having come to the end of the psychedelic path, The End decided on a change of musical direction and a change of name, arising from the ashes as Tucky Buzzard in 1970 and retaining the line-up of guitarist Terry Taylor, organist Nicky Graham, drummer Paul Francis, bassist Dave Brown, and vocalist Jimmy Henderson.

The first album, recorded with Madrid Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Waldo De Los Rios, contained some last vestiges of the band’s previous existence. But the second album, produced by old associate Bill Wyman with Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios set out the band’s template of bluesy rock, a leading genre at the dawn of the 70s. Mick Taylor makes a guest appearance.

For the fourth and fifth albums, the band was signed to Deep Purple’s own Purple Records. Bill Wyman continued in the producer’s chair, but the departing Nicky Graham was replaced with a second guitarist.

Strictly limited to 750 copies, and housed in a numbered rigid slipcase featuring photos from the collection of Terry Taylor (Bill Wyman’s right hand man in the Rhythm Kings for the last 25+ years), all the original sleeves (including two gatefolds) are faithfully reproduced. The inner sleeves feature extensive annotation by Alan Robinson based on interviews with the band.