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The Bluetones

The Bluetones: Superior Quality Recordings 2003 – 2010 (4CD) SIGNED EDITION

The Bluetones: Superior Quality Recordings 2003 – 2010 (4CD) SIGNED EDITION

The Bluetones

  1. Here It Comes Again
  2. Fast Boy
  3. Liquid Lips
  4. You’re No Fun Anymore
  5. Big Problem
  6. I Love The City
  7. Never Going Nowhere
  8. Little Bear
  9. Code Blue
  10. Turn It Up
  11. Beat On The Brat
  12. Move Closer
  13. Suffer In Silence
  14. Never Going Nowhere [69Corp Vs The Bluetones]
  15. Pram Face
  16. Choogie Monbassa
  1. Surrendered
  2. Baby, Back Up
  3. Hope And Jump
  4. Head On A Spike
  5. The King Of Outer Space
  6. Thank You, Not Today
  7. My Neighbour's House
  8. Fade In / Fade Out
  9. The Last Song But One
  10. Wasn't I Right About You?
  1. The Notes Between The Notes Between The Notes
  2. Firefly
  3. A New Athens
  4. Culling Song
  5. Into The Red
  6. Golden Soul
  7. The Day That Never Was
  8. Carry Me Home
  9. Half The Size Of Nothing
  10. Haunted By You
  11. Pranchestonelle
  12. Hey Shmoopey [hidden track]
  13. The Notes Between The Notes Between The Notes [long version]
  14. I Like To Lie

About this release

LIMITED EDITION – contains print signed by all four band members

Hailing from Heston in West London, The Bluetones (Scott Morriss – bass, Eds Chesters – drums, Adam Devlin – guitars, and Mark Morriss – vocals) arrived on the scene in late 1995/early 1996 with the # 2 single “Slight Return”, and # 1 debut album “Expecting To Fly”. This album and the following two were included in Edsel’s 2021 box set, containing the band’s recordings from 1994 to 2002.

This second box set contains The Bluetones’ second period of recordings, from 2003 to 2010: 50 tracks across four CDs. It includes the albums “Luxembourg” (2003), “The Bluetones” (2006) and “A New Athens” (2010), plus the “Serenity Now” EP (2005), twelve B-sides, and two previously unreleased tracks.

The four CDs are presented in facsimile wallets, and the 24 page booklet features newly-written notes by Adam Devlin on each album and the EP, along with all the credits, and the singles sleeves featuring Scott Morriss’s fabulous artwork.