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Glam Rock


T.Rex 1973: Whatever Happened To The Teenage Dream? (4CD)

T.Rex 1973: Whatever Happened To The Teenage Dream? (4CD)


  1. Tenement Lady
  2. Rapids
  3. Mister Mister
  4. Broken-Hearted Blues
  5. Shock Rock
  6. Country Honey
  7. Electric Slim And The Factory Hen
  8. Mad Donna
  9. Born To Boogie
  10. Life Is Strange
  11. The Street And Babe Shadow
  12. Highway Knees
  13. Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys
  14. Children Of The Revolution
  15. Jitterbug Love
  16. Sunken Rags
  17. Solid Gold Easy Action
  18. Xmas Riff
  19. 20th Century Boy
  20. Free Angel
  1. Venus Loon
  2. Sound Pit
  3. Explosive Mouth
  4. Galaxy
  5. Change
  6. Nameless Wildness
  7. Teenage Dream
  8. Liquid Gang
  9. Carsmile Smith And The Old One
  10. You’ve Got To Jive To Stay Alive – Spanish Midnight
  11. Interstellar Soul
  12. Painless Persuasion v The Meathawk Immaculate
  13. The Avengers (Superbad)
  14. The Leopards Featuring Gardenia & The Mighty Slug
  15. The Groover
  16. Midnight
  17. Truck On (Tyke)
  18. Sitting Here
  19. Satisfaction Pony
  1. Jitterbug Love
  2. Electric Slim And The Factory Hen [alias You Got The Look]
  3. Highway Knees
  4. Mad Donna
  5. Mister Mister
  6. Country Honey
  7. Rapids
  8. Life Is Strange
  9. The Street & Babe Shadow
  10. Darling
  11. Free Angel
  12. Left Hand Luke And The Beggar Boys
  13. Change
  14. Galaxy
  15. Carsmile Smith & The Old One
  16. Spanish Midnight
  17. Sitting There [Sitting Here]
  18. Gardenia & The Mighty Slug
  19. The Groover
  20. Dance In The Midnight
  21. Saturation Syncopation
  22. Delanie
  23. Saturday Night
  24. Till Dawn
  25. Stand By Me
  1. Hope You Enjoy The Show
  2. Black Jack
  3. Squint Eye Mangle
  4. The Avengers (Superbad)
  5. Look To Your Soul
  6. Down Home Lady
  7. All My Love
  8. When I Was A Child
  9. Ghetto Baby
  10. Sailors Of The Highway
  11. Jitterbug Love
  12. High
  13. City Port
  14. Sunken Rags
  15. Do Your Thing
  16. Tell Me
  17. Sky Church Music
  18. Teenage Dream [Top Of The Pops version]

About this release

Exclusive to orders of the 4CD and 5LP sets on the Official T.REX store, each comes with an A4 print of Tony Visconti’s original score for ‘Whatever Happened To The Teenage Dream’.

This instalment in the acclaimed ‘Year’ series of the works of Marc Bolan and T. Rex takes in a period of change during which Bolan was very active in recording studios in the US and Europe.

This 4CD set includes the “Tanx” and “Zinc Alloy” albums, and the non-album hit singles and their B-sides. CD3 features demos and outtakes from both albums, whilst CD4 focuses on Bolan’s forays into soul music, including highlights of the abandoned album he wrote and produced for Sister Pat Hall.

The singles included are Children Of The Revolution, Solid Gold Easy Action, 20th Century Boy, The Groover, Truck On (Tyke) and Teenage Dream.

The 44 page perfect-bound booklet contains a brand new 16,000 word essay by acknowledged Bolan authority Mark Paytress (author of the definitive Bolan biography), detailing Bolan’s life through this eventful period. Also featured are many previously unpublished photos taken by Keith Morris in the course of 1973, as well as ephemera from the era.