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Glam Rock


T.Rex: Remixes

T.Rex: Remixes


  1. Children Of The Revolution [The Reflex Revision]
  2. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix]
  3. Metal Guru [Book Remix]
  4. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix]
  5. Light of Love [The Reflex Revision]
  6. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix]
  7. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix]
  8. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix]
  9. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix]
  10. Calling All Destroyers [Infuze Remix]
  11. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix]
  12. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix]
  13. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix]
  14. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix]
  15. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix]
  16. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Remix]
  1. 20th Century Boy [STOOF Remix – Instrumental]
  2. Cadilac [Bil Bless Remix – Instrumental]
  3. Precious Star [We Are Dark Angels Remix – Instrumental]
  4. Telegram Sam [Kent Rockafeller Mix – Instrumental]
  5. New York City [Ra Ra Riot Remix – Instrumental]
  6. Children Of The Revolution [Jaxon Frank Remix – Instrumental]
  7. Teenage Dream [Castleman Remix – Instrumental]
  8. Children Of The Revolution [Joywave Remix – Instrumental]
  9. Light Of Love [Dr Smith Remix – Instrumental]
  10. Born To Boogie [Wye Oak Remix – Instrumental]
  11. Solid Gold Easy Action [DJ Sae One Remix – Instrumental]
  12. 20th Century Boy [X. Ert Club Mix]

About this release

September 16th 2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Marc Bolan’s untimely death. To celebrate Marc’s life and music, Edsel is proud to release newly commissioned remixes of classic tracks including the UK number one hits, ‘Metal Guru’ and ‘Telegram Sam’ as well as the renowned ‘Children Of The Revolution’ and ‘20th Century Boy’. The talented remixers include ‘The Reflex’, ‘Wye Oak’ and ‘Ra Ra Riot’.

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