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Dead Or Alive

Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra – 25th Anniversary Edition (2LP 180g Blue Vinyl)

Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra – 25th Anniversary Edition (2LP 180g Blue Vinyl)

Dead Or Alive

  1. Nukleopatra
  2. Unhappy Birthday
  3. Rebel Rebel
  4. Sleep With You
  5. The Right Stuff
  6. I'm A Star
  1. International Thing
  2. Picture This
  3. Spend The Night Together
  4. Gone Too Long
  5. Getting It On
  6. Sex Drive

About this release

This special 25th Anniversary Edition of “Nukleopatra” is the first time that the album has been commercially released on vinyl in its original configuration, with original playing durations and will be pressed on 180g heavyweight blue colour vinyl.

Recorded at PWL Studios, London, “Nukleopatra” is the Band’s sixth studio album and was initially released in Japan in 1995, although subsequently released in different versions – track listing/versions/durations/artwork – in eight other countries between 1996 and 1998. It contains the singles ‘Rebel Rebel’ and ‘Sex Drive’. The album was not released in the UK, until a re-worked version was included within the ‘Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI’ box set in 2016.

This vinyl edition replicates the original Japanese version, which features longer versions ‘Nukleopatra’ and ‘Sex Drive’, along with re-recorded versions of ‘Unhappy Birthday’ and ‘Gone Too Long’, which appeared on “Fan the Flame (Part 1)”. Dead Or Alive have sold more than 30 million albums and 25 million singles worldwide and gave Stock Aitken Waterman their first #1 single. Their first three albums, which the band wrote, all reached the UK Top 30, with ‘Youthquake’ reaching the Top 10.

In the 1980s, they charted seven unique singles in the UK Top 40, with two further re-entries this century, with a remix and original version of ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’. Respected US magazine Billboard, ranked them in their all-time Top 100 most successful ‘dance artists’ chart.