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Not The Nine O'clock News

Not The Nine O’ Clock News: Hedgehog Sandwich (1LP 180g ‘Hedgehog Splatter’ Vinyl)

Not The Nine O’ Clock News: Hedgehog Sandwich (1LP 180g ‘Hedgehog Splatter’ Vinyl)

Not The Nine O'clock News

  1. Loyal Apology
  2. News Summary
  3. Constable Savage
  4. Baronet Oswald Ernold Mosle
  5. University Challenge
  6. (I Like) Trucking
  7. Sir Robert Mark
  8. Hi-Fi Shop
  9. England My Leotard
  10. Divorce
  11. Political Obit
  12. The Main Points Again
  13. Bad Language
  14. Gift Shop
  15. Hedgehog Apology
  16. Supa Dupa
  17. Soccer Violence
  18. (Because I’m) Wet And Lonely (Barry Manilow Song)
  19. That’s Lies
  20. Creed (The New Revised Version)
  21. I Believe (The Reagan Song)
  22. The Aide
  23. The Main Points Again
  24. Not The Parrot Sketch
  25. Open Marriage
  26. Lager
  27. And Finally…

About this release

“Not The Nine O’Clock News gave the world alternative comedy and made the media scene we have today.” – Mark Lewisohn, Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy.

Celebrating over 40 years since the ground-breaking comedy series arrived on BBC TV, Demon Records proudly presents Hedgehog Sandwich – lovingly mastered on 180g heavyweight Hedgehog Splatter vinyl. Let the famous signature tune take you back to the heady days of 1979, when Labour gave way to the Conservatives, striking workers created the Winter of Discontent, and Not The Nine O’Clock News inherited the BBC2 time slot vacated by Fawlty Towers. It quickly became a trailblazing smash hit, running for four series and making stars of Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Pamela Stephenson and Griff Rhys-Jones.

Among the many famous, and much-loved, sketches included on the LPs are David Bloody Attenborough (aka Gerald the Gorilla), Points of View, General Synod’s “Life of Python”, Constable Savage, University Challenge, Hi-Fi Shop, That’s Lies, Not The Parrot Sketch, Open Marriage, Question Time, Game For A Laugh, Two Ninnies, McEnroe’s Breakfast, What A Load of Willies, The Pope’s Visit, Simon and Garfunkel and – yes – The Return of Constable Savage. Produced and devised by John Lloyd and Sean Hardie, Not The Nine O’Clock News won a Silver Rose at the Montreux Festival and a BAFTA for Best Light Entertainment Programme. Its large writing team included such future luminaries of TV comedy as Richard Curtis, David Renwick, Andrew Marshall, Guy Jenkin, Laurie Rowley, John Lloyd and Andy Hamilton.

Presented as a faithfully reproduced facsimile gatefolds, and remastered from the original tapes.