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Mungo Jerry

Mungo Jerry: Gold 3CD

Mungo Jerry: Gold 3CD

Mungo Jerry

  1. In The Summertime
  2. Mighty Man
  3. Johnny B.Badde
  4. Sad Eyed Joe
  5. Maggie
  6. See Me
  7. My Friend
  8. Santo Antonio Santo Francisco
  9. Baby Jump
  10. The Man Behind The Piano
  11. Lady Rose (Single Version)
  12. Have A Whiff On Me
  13. Somebody Stole My Wife
  14. She Rowed
  15. Follow Me Down
  1. You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War
  2. You Don’t Have ToMemoirs Of A Stockbroker
  3. You Better Leave That Whisky Alone
  4. The Sun Is Shining
  5. Take Me Back
  6. Northcote Arms
  7. There’s A Man Going Round Taking Names
  8. Simple Thing
  9. On A Sunday
  10. We Shall Be Free
  11. Open Up (Single Version)
  12. Going Back Home
  13. I Don’t Wanna Go Back To School
  14. My Girl And Me (Single Version)
  15. No Girl Reaction
  1. Summer’s Gone
  2. 46 And On (Single Version)
  3. She’s Gone
  4. Lookin’ For My Girl
  5. Alright Alright Alright
  6. Little Miss Hipshake
  7. Wild Love
  8. Glad I’m A Rocker
  9. Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black
  10. Gonna Bop Till I Drop
  11. All Dressed Up And No Place To Go
  12. Shake Till I Break
  13. Don’t Stop
  14. Too Fast To Live And Too Young To Die
  15. Say Goodnight

About this release

Mungo Jerry Gold, features all 8 of the bands top forty 70s hits across 3CDs.

It includes the international hit ‘In The Summertime’, which topped the charts in over 20 countries around the world, going on to sell over 30 million copies world wide. The track is still regularly used and featured in TV adverts and films.

The 45 tracks also include the band’s second chart topper “Baby Jump”, along with “Lady Rose” (No.5), “You Don’t Have To Be In The Army To Fight In The War” (No.13), “Open Up” (No.21),
“Alright Alright Alright” (No.3), “Wild Love” (No.32) and “Long Legged Woman Dressed In Black” (No.13)