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Mull Historical Society

Mull Historical Society: Archaeology – Complete Recordings 2000-2004 (4CD)

Mull Historical Society: Archaeology – Complete Recordings 2000-2004 (4CD)

Mull Historical Society

  1. Public Service Announcer
  2. Watching Xanadu
  3. Instead
  4. I Tried
  5. This Is Not Who We Were
  6. Barcode Bypass
  7. Only I
  8. Animal Cannabus
  9. Strangeways Inside
  10. Mull Historical Society
  11. Paper Houses
  12. Loss
  13. Some You Win, Some You Lose (Taken from ‘I Tried’ single - 2000)
  14. Ugly Buildings Are Beautiful (Taken from ‘Animal Cannabus’ single - 2001)
  15. Industrial Hangers (Taken from ‘Animal Cannabus’ single - 2001)
  16. Pigeon Fancier (By Correspondence) (Taken from ‘Watching Xanadu’ single - 2001)
  17. You And Me Ground Zero
  18. Mull Ferry Announcer
  1. The Final Arrears
  2. Am I Wrong
  3. Oh Mother
  4. Asylum
  5. Live Like The Automatics
  6. Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me
  7. Minister For Genetics & Insurance M.P.
  8. 5 More Minutes
  9. Gravity
  10. Can
  11. The Supermarket Strikes Back
  12. Clones
  13. Her Is You
  14. Us
  15. Narrow Escape at 2000 Feet (Taken from ‘Am I Wrong single - 2003)
  16. Can’t Do It (Taken from US Version of ‘Us’ - 2003)
  17. You Asked Her To Marry You (Taken from US Version of ‘Us’ - 2003)
  18. When I’m Awake (Cavum) (Taken from US Version of ‘Us’ - 2003)
  19. MHS Lady (Taken from US Version of ‘Us’ - 2003)
  20. Citizen Fame (Taken from ‘Final Arrears’ single - 2003
  1. “I Am Hope!” Intro Track
  2. Peculiar
  3. How ‘Bout I Love You More
  4. Treescavengers
  5. This Is The Hebrides
  6. Tobermory Zoo
  7. Death O£ A Scientist (A Vision Of Man Over Machine 2004)
  8. Your Love, My Gain
  9. Casanova At The Weekend
  10. My Friend The Addict
  11. Len
  12. In The Next Life (A Requiem)
  13. This Is Hope (The Birth of Prometea)
  14. Return To Grass Point
  15. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Radiohead Cover)
  16. UK PLC (Taken from ‘How ‘Bout I Love You More’ Single)
  17. Rescue Me
  18. How ‘Bout I Love You More (Live at Reading Festival, 2004)
  1. Naked Ambition At The E.P.A.
  2. Dry Me Out
  3. Instead of Breaking Us (Break Me)
  4. It Seems
  5. Don’t Suffer
  6. Style Becomes Fad
  7. When Losers Become Friends
  8. Calgary Bay
  9. 10 Days of Sun
  10. Sad Old Day To Be Down
  11. It Takes More (Ms Dynamite Cover)
  12. With You Not In The World
  13. When I’m Weakened
  14. Pigeon Lovesong
  15. International Ego
  16. Stay Something
  17. Sorry (Leaving)
  18. I Knew You Well
  19. She Colours The Grey
  20. Last Nite (Stokes Cover)
  21. Something Great Didn’t Happen
  22. Tony Benn Poem for ‘Pay Attention To The Human’
  23. The Whiting Of The People

About this release

When Colin MacIntyre’s debut Mull Historical Society single Barcode Bypass (Rough Trade) was named NME’s Debut Single of the Year in 2000, and it then received its first daytime airplay (all 7 minutes of it) on Radio 1 – Jo Whiley’s show, it was clear a truly original song-writing talent had emerged as if fully formed — and from the unlikely Atlantic outpost of the isle of Mull, in the Scottish Hebrides (population of 2,500 people, 28,234 sheep).

Named after a genuine society dedicated to the preservation of tradition on the bands home island; Mull sit somewhere in the valley between the Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals and Beta Band.

This 4 CD media book looks back at the early period of Mull’s career, gathering together all of their studio recordings from the period between 2000 to 2004. Discs 1 and 2 are dedicated to the gold-selling albums Loss and Us and include some of Mull’s most popular singles Watching Xanadu, The Final Arrears, Animal Cannabus and Live Like The Automatics. Mull’s third studio album (released on Unique Records) This Is Hope can be found on disc 3, whilst disc 4 is filled to the brim with B-sides, rarities, live tracks, demos and unreleased material.

This collection is complete with a 36 page booklet featuring an extract from Colin’s new memoir The Boy In the Bubble and complemented with a plethora of previously unseen archival photos and memorabilia from Colin’s personal archives. There’s also words from the award winning author Tom Clayton and journalist Billy Sloan depicting the impact Mull Historical Society has had on them and the wider world.