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M People

M People: Renaissance (9CD + 2DVD)

M People: Renaissance (9CD + 2DVD)

M People

  1. Colour My Life (Perfecto Mix)
  2. How Can I Love You More?
  3. Inner City Cruise
  4. It’s Your World
  5. Sexual Freedom
  6. Kiss It Better
  7. Tumbling Down
  8. Landscape Of Love
  9. Life
  10. Someday
  11. Excited (M People Master Mix)
  12. Man Smart
  13. Platini
  1. How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Master Mix)
  2. Someday (Sasha’s Full Master)
  3. How Can I Love You More? (Edit)
  4. Colour My Life (Edit)
  5. Someday (Edit)
  6. Excited (Radio Edit)
  7. Colour My Life (Original Mix)
  8. Excited (M People Remix)
  9. Someday (Part One)
  10. Colour My Life (Part One)
  11. Excited (Judge Jules Remix)
  12. How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s Ambient Dub)
  13. Someday (Sasha’s Dub)
  14. Colour My Life (DJ’s Rule Mix)
  15. Excited (MK T Mix)
  16. How Can I Love You More? (Sasha’s QAT Mix)
  1. One Night In Heaven
  2. Moving On Up
  3. Renaissance
  4. You Just Have To Be There
  5. Love Is In My Soul
  6. Don’t Look Any Further
  7. Natural Thing
  8. Little Packet
  9. La Vida Loca
  10. Melody Of Life
  11. One Night In Heaven (Hi Gloss Mix)
  12. Renaissance (M People Master Mix)
  13. Moving On Up (Tee’s Freeze Mix)
  14. Don’t Look Any Further (Danny D Mix)
  1. One Night In Heaven (Master Edit)
  2. Moving On Up (M People Master Edit)
  3. Don’t Look Any Further (M People Master Edit)
  4. Renaissance (Radio Mix)
  5. One Night In Heaven (K-Klass Klub Mix)
  6. Moving On Up (NY Underground Mix)
  7. Renaissance (Roger S Revelation Mix)
  8. One Night In Heaven (The Chicken Head Mix)
  9. Moving On Up (MK Mix)
  10. Renaissance (John Digweed's 4AM Mix)
  11. One Night In Heaven (Pharmacy Dub)
  12. Moving On Up (Roger's Harddub)
  13. Renaissance (The S-Man’s Dub Lift)
  14. One Night In Heaven (M People Dub)
  1. Sight For Sore Eyes
  2. Search For The Hero
  3. Open Your Heart
  4. Love Rendezvous
  5. Precious Pearl
  6. Sugar Town
  7. Walk Away
  8. Drive Time
  9. Padlock
  10. … And Finally
  11. Itchycoo Park (M People Master Mix)
  12. Search For The Hero (M People Master Mix)
  13. Love Rendezvous (M People Master Mix)
  14. Search For The Hero (Dave Hall Remix) [aka ‘US Remix by David “Jam” Hall’]
  1. Sight For Sore Eyes (Radio Mix)
  2. Open Your Heart (Radio Mix)
  3. Search For The Hero (Radio Mix)
  4. Love Rendezvous (Radio Mix)
  5. Itchycoo Park (Radio Edit)
  6. Sight For Sore Eyes (Lee Marrow Remix)
  7. Love Rendezvous (Paul Masterson Mix) aka (Wand’s Uptight Mix)
  8. Padlock (Junior Vasquez Tribal Vocal)
  9. Open Your Heart (Luvdup Double Bangin' Dub) aka (Luvdup Dub)
  10. Itchycoo Park (Hed Boys Post-Op Mix)
  11. Love Rendezvous (Uno Clio Vocal Mix)
  12. Open Your Heart (Armand’s Sour Cream Mix)
  13. Sight For Sore Eyes (E-Smoove Dub Mix)
  1. Just For You
  2. Fantasy Island
  3. Never Mind Love
  4. Last Night 10,000
  5. Smile
  6. Red Flower Sunset
  7. Angel Street
  8. Lonely
  9. Rhythm And Blues
  10. Believe It
  11. Bohemia
  12. Avalon
  13. Testify (Radio Edit)
  14. Dreaming
  15. What A Fool Believes (Full-Length Version)
  16. Baby Don’t Change Your Mind (Live)
  1. Just For You (Radio Edit)
  2. Fantasy Island (Radio Edit)
  3. Angel Street (Radio Edit)
  4. Dreaming (Radio Edit)
  5. Testify (Rae & Christian Remix)
  6. Just For You (MM’s R&B Edit)
  7. Fantasy Island (D-Influence Dimensional Mix)
  8. Angel Street (Joey Negro’s Extended Disco Mix)
  9. Dreaming (Genius 3 Underground Mix)
  10. Fantasy Island (M+S Fantasy Klub Mix)
  11. Just For You (Way Out West Remix)
  12. Testify (Pablo’s Dub)
  13. Dreaming (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Dub)
  1. Itchycoo Park (Morales Classic Club Mix)
  2. Just For You (Frankie’s Sanctified Anthem)
  3. Fantasy Island (Classic Mix)
  4. Dreaming (Morales Mix)
  5. One Night In Heaven (The Heavenly Club Mix)
  6. Fantasy Island (Def Club Mix)
  7. Just For You (Hipshakers’ Delight)
  8. Itchycoo Park (Morales Beat Of Dubs)
  9. Dreaming (Morales King Dub)
  10. One Night In Heaven (The Late Night Dub)
  1. How Can I Love You More?
  2. Colour My Life
  3. Someday
  4. Excited
  5. One Night In Heaven
  6. Moving On Up
  7. Don't Look Any Further
  8. Renaissance
  9. Sight For Sore Eyes
  10. Open Your Heart
  11. Search For The Hero
  12. Love Rendezvous
  13. Itchycoo Park
  14. Just For You
  15. Fantasy Island
  16. Angel Street
  17. Testify
  18. Dreaming
  19. How Can I Love You More? (1993 Version)
  20. Excited (US Version)
  21. Open Your Heart (US Version)
  22. Excited (MK Mix)
  23. One Night In Heaven (Morales Mix)
  24. Coming Home (Mike, Paul and Shovell in conversation, 2018)
  1. Moving On Up
  2. Natural Thing
  3. Love Is In My Soul
  4. Someday
  5. 1993 Interview (part 1/ 2/3/4)
  6. Opening Montage
  7. Love Rendezvous
  8. Excited
  9. Drive Time
  10. Colour My Life
  11. Walk Away
  12. Little Packet
  13. One Night In Heaven
  14. Sight for Sore Eyes
  15. Moving On Up
  16. Sight For Sore Eyes
  17. Moving On Up
  18. Search For The Hero
  19. Itchycoo Park
  20. One Night In Heaven

About this release

M People became one of the worlds biggest dance and pop groups from the 1990s, selling more than 11 million records, 2 Brit Awards and a Mercury Prize. Featuring the unmistakable voice of Heather Small joining Paul Heard, Shovell and founder Mike Pickering

The 9CD + 2 DVDs is a career spanning boxset featuring:

  • All four original studio albums remastered
  • Each album expanded with single edits and rare remixes on an accompanying CD
  • Double discs presented in a gatefold sleeve with original artwork
  • Exclusive bonus disc of remixes by Frankie Knuckles and David Morales
  • DVD 1 featuring all the bands iconic promo videos and a new interview
  • DVD 2 includes energised live performances (some previously unreleased) from 1993, 1994 and 1996, in their hometown of Manchester
  • 48 page colour booklet with images of the early-line up through to later years and never before published images

The band accumulated a staggering 20 top 40 singles including ‘Moving On Up’, ‘One Night In Heaven’, ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’, ‘Search For A Hero’, ‘Just For You’, ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Natural Thing’. Winning the 1994 Mercury Music prize for Elegant Slumming was seen as a key event in the history of dance music. This boxset showcases all the albums from Northern Soul, Elegant Slumming, Bizarre Fruit, and Fresco. Each album includes bonus tracks and is accompanied by a second disc with single edits and remixes.

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