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R&B and Soul

Labi Siffre

Labi Siffre: Labi Siffre (1LP) HALF SPEED MASTER EDITION

Labi Siffre: Labi Siffre (1LP) HALF SPEED MASTER EDITION

Labi Siffre

  1. Too Late
  2. Words
  3. Something On My Mind
  4. Maybe Tomorrow
  5. You And I Should Be Together
  6. I Don’t Know What’s Happened To The Kids Today
  7. I Love You
  8. Make My Day
  9. A Little More Line
  10. Maybe
  11. River
  12. Love Song For Someone

About this release

Labi Siffre burst onto the UK’s blossoming singer-songwriter scene with his debut album in 1970, alongside contemporaries like Elton John, Bill Fay and Mike D’Abo. Featuring early hit “Make My Day” and “A Little More Line”, the album was arranged and produced by Ian Green, noted 60s hit arranger.

This half-speed master edition is presented in its original sleeve, pressed on 180 gram heavyweight black vinyl, featuring an obi strip, and housed in a poly-lined inner sleeve, with all the lyrics and credits on a new 4-page insert, as well as annotation by Alan Robinson based on a 2015 interview with Labi Siffre himself.

This new edition has been expertly mastered by Barry Grint at AIR Mastering from the original stereo tapes using precision half-speed mastering. Half-speed mastering is a vinyl cutting technique that improves groove accuracy and transient information creating an incredibly detailed stereo image with a natural high frequency response.