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Labi Siffre

Labi Siffre: Gold (3CD)

Labi Siffre: Gold (3CD)

Labi Siffre

  1. (Something Inside) So Strong
  2. I Got The
  3. Cannock Chase
  4. Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying
  5. My Song
  6. The Vulture
  7. It Must Be Love
  8. Make My Day
  9. Listen To The Voices
  10. Watch Me
  11. Hot And Dirty In The City
  12. I'm Alright
  13. Sparrow In the Storm
  14. Bless The Telephone
  15. Wash Away Your Troubles In Love
  16. Entertainment Value
  17. Too Late
  18. Nightmare
  19. Samaritans
  1. Nothing’s Gonna Change
  2. Sensible Betrayal In The City
  3. Odds And Ends
  4. All I Wanna Do
  5. Run To Him
  6. Doctor Doctor
  7. A Matter Of Love
  8. Fallin' For You
  9. Dreamer
  10. Everything
  11. Remember My Song
  12. Let’s Pretend
  13. Another Year
  14. Staride To Nowhere
  15. Prayer
  16. Most People Sleep Alone
  17. When You're Lonely
  18. Hard Road
  1. There’s Nothing In The World Like Love
  2. Get To The Country
  3. I Will Always Love You
  4. Rainbow Moon
  5. Something On My Mind
  6. Maybe Tomorrow
  7. (Just) A Little More Line
  8. You And I Should Be Together
  9. I Don’t Know What’s Happened To The Kids Today
  10. Thank Your Lucky Star
  11. Not So Long Ago
  12. Summer Is Coming
  13. Children Of Children
  14. The Love Thing
  15. Blue Lady
  16. Somesay
  17. If You Have Faith
  18. Someday
  19. Give Love

About this release

Labi Siffre is one of Britain’s most prolific singer, songwriters who is best known for his songs ‘It Must Be Love’ and ‘(Something Inside) So Strong’

His songs have been covered by multiple times from Madness (It Must Be Love), Kelis (Bless The Telephone), Kenny Rogers, Rod Stewart, Joss Stone. And sampled by Eminem (I Got The), Fatboyslim, Kanyewest, Jay-Z Wu-Tang Clan, Primal Scream…and many more

Labi Siffre Gold consists of 56 songs released over 3CDs.
All songs have been selected and sequenced by Labi himself.