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Jesus Jones: Zeroes And Ones - The Best Of (2LP Gold Vinyl)



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Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones: Zeroes And Ones – The Best Of (2LP Gold Vinyl)

Jesus Jones: Zeroes And Ones – The Best Of (2LP Gold Vinyl)

Jesus Jones

  1. Right Here, Right Now
  2. The Devil You Know
  3. All The Answers
  4. Caricature
  5. The Next Big Thing
  6. Trust Me
  7. Chemistry
  8. Info Freako
  9. International Bright Young Thing
  10. Get A Good Thing
  11. Who? Where? Why?
  12. Never Enough
  13. Culture Vulture
  14. Idiot Stare
  1. Real, Real, Real
  2. The Right Decision
  3. Move Mountains
  4. Suck It Up
  5. Blissed
  6. Motion
  7. Zeroes And Ones
  8. Bring It On Down
  9. Where Are All The Dreams
  10. Chemical #1
  11. Song 13
  12. Welcome Back Victoria
  13. Run On Empty

About this release

Jesus Jones (Mike Edwards – guitar, vocals; Tony De Borg – guitars; Al Doughty – bass; Gen – drums; and Iain Baker – keyboards, samples) arrived on the scene in 1989 with three charting singles and debut album “Liquidizer”. The band followed this with many more hit singles and the very successful albums “Doubt” (1991), “Perverse” (1993) and “Already” (1997). After the fifth album “London” (2001) and the “Culture Vulture” EP (2004), the band took a break, returning in 2018 with the “Passages” album.

The band made their name with a dizzying array of UK hit singles through the 90s, with many of them also enjoying huge success across Europe. Included are “Info Freako”, “Never Enough”, “Bring It On Down”, “Real Real Real” (# 4 in the US), “Right Here, Right Now” (# 2 in the US), “International Bright Young Thing”, “Who? Where? Why?”, “The Devil You Know”, “The Right Decision”, “Zeroes and Ones”, “The Next Big Thing” and “Chemical No.1”.

The 27 track 2LP set has been compiled by the band’s Iain Baker, who also wrote the exhaustive and revealing track-by-track annotation on the inner sleeves. To accompany the singles, Iain has picked a selection of the band’s favourite album tracks.

Pressed on 140g gold vinyl.