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Illusion: Everywhere You Go (4CD) SIGNED EDITION

Illusion: Everywhere You Go (4CD) SIGNED EDITION


  1. Isadora
  2. Roads To Freedom
  3. Beautiful Country
  4. Solo Flight
  5. Everywhere You Go
  6. Face Of Yesterday
  7. Candles Are Burning
  8. Isadora (Demo)
  9. Beautiful Country (Demo)
  10. Face Of Yesterday (Demo)
  11. Candles Are Burning (Early Mix)
  12. Isadora (Alternate Edit)
  13. Isadora (French Version)
  14. Please Be Home (Demo)
  1. Madonna Blue
  2. Never Be The Same
  3. Louis' Theme
  4. Wings Across The Sea
  5. Cruising Nowhere
  6. Man Of Miracles
  7. The Revolutionary
  8. Man Of Miracles (Demo)
  9. Cherokee Moon (Demo)
  10. Sister Helena (Demo)
  11. Cherokee Moon (Rehearsal)
  1. Nights In Paris
  2. Walking Space
  3. The Man Who Loved The Trees
  4. Getting Into Love Again
  5. As Long As We're Together
  6. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
  7. Living Above Your Head
  8. Crossed Lines
  9. You Are The One
  10. All The Falling Angels
  1. One More Turn Of The Wheel
  2. Good Heart
  3. Glorious One
  4. Through The Fire
  5. Blowing Away
  6. Mystery Of Being
  7. Beat Of The Earth
  8. Beyond The Day
  9. My Old Friend
  10. Through The Fire (Reprise)
  11. If There was Something I Could Change?
  12. Moving On

About this release

Exclusive signed edition – includes a postcard signed by Jim McCarty, Louis Cennamo, and Jane Relf. Limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Coming together after the tragic death of Keith Relf in 1976, Illusion was formed by the four surviving original members of Renaissance (Jim McCarty, John Hawken, Jane Relf, and Louis Cennamo). During their initial years together, Illusion released two albums on Island Records, ‘Out Of The Mist’ (1977) and ‘Illusion’ (1978).

Assembled with the assistance of the band, Edsel is proud to present ‘Everywhere You Go’, a new 4CD collection which gathers together the two original Island albums, the ‘lost’ third album ‘Enchanted Caress’ (recorded 1979-1980), and the reunion album ‘Through The Fire’ (2001), plus an array of bonus tracks including many unreleased demos and alternate versions.

The 4 CDs are housed in a mediabook with a 24-page booklet containing introductions from Jim McCarty and Louis Cennamo, plus an essay by author Greg Russo, and rare photographs from the Keith Morris archive.

All 47 tracks have been newly mastered by Phil Kinrade at AIR Mastering, overseen and approved by Jim McCarty.

“To me, hearing these albums now, it still sounds fresh and inspirational”  – Jim McCarty, August 2022.