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Classic Pop

Human League

Human League: Secrets (2CD Deluxe Gatefold Packaging)

Human League: Secrets (2CD Deluxe Gatefold Packaging)

Human League

  1. All I Ever Wanted [Dave Bascombe Mix]
  2. Nervous
  3. Love Me Madly? [Dave Bascombe Mix
  4. Shameless
  5. 122.3 Bpm
  6. Never Give Your Heart
  7. Ran
  8. The Snake
  9. Ringinglow
  10. Liar
  11. Lament
  12. Reflections
  13. Brute
  14. Sin City
  15. Release
  16. You'll Be Sorry
  17. Tranquility
  1. All I Ever Wanted [The Das Kompressor Vanity Case Mix]
  2. All I Ever Wanted [Original Version – Toy Mix]
  3. All I Ever Wanted [Oliver Lieb’s Main Full Vocal Mix
  4. All I Ever Wanted [Oliver Lieb’s Alternative Mix]
  5. All I Ever Wanted [The Vanity Case Instrumental Mix]
  6. All I Ever Wanted [Alter Ego Remix]
  7. All I Ever Wanted [Op:L Bastards Mojo Mix]
  8. You’ll Be Sorry [Marc Anthony Radio Mix]
  9. You’ll Be Sorry [Marc Anthony Black & Blue Mix]
  10. You’ll Be Sorry [Marc Anthony Dub Mix]
  11. You’ll Be Sorry [Karaoke Mix]
  12. Love Me Madly? [Voice Of Buddha Mix]
  13. Love Me Madly? [Zenn Eternal Countdown Mix
  14. Love Me Madly? [Cuzco Mix]

About this release

Following a greatest hits compilation in the late 90s the Human League signed to the Papillon label. The line-up of Philip Oakey, Susan Sulley and Joanne Catherall recorded the “Secrets” album, with keyboard player Neil Sutton, who co-wrote most of the songs with Oakey, and programmer David Beevers providing the trademark Human League sound.

The album’s release in 2001 was preceded by the single “All I Ever Wanted”, but both the single and album lost promotion and sales when Papillon ran into financial difficulties and was closed shortly after the album’s release.

This 2CD expanded edition features a non-album B-side, along with seven very rare remixes of “All I Ever Wanted” plus a further seven extremely rare remixes of “You’ll Be Sorry” and “Love Me Madly?”, which were only released in Canada and The Netherlands respectively.

The two CDs are presented in brand-new seven-inch deluxe gatefold packaging, with an 8-page booklet which includes the lyrics and credits.