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Hold Your Head Up: The Best Of Argent (2CD)

Hold Your Head Up: The Best Of Argent (2CD)


  1. Hold Your Head Up
  2. God Gave Rock & Roll To You
  3. Christmas For The Free
  4. Liar
  5. Schoolgirl
  6. Dance In The Smoke
  7. It’s Only Money (Pt 2)
  8. Clown
  9. Tragedy
  10. It’s Only Money (Pt 1)
  11. Sweet Mary
  12. Celebration
  13. Lothlorien
  14. Man For All Reasons
  1. Thunder And Lightning
  2. The Jester
  3. Highwire
  4. Love
  5. Keep On Rollin’
  6. Be My Lover, Be My Friend
  7. Like Honey
  8. Sleep Won’t Help
  9. Pleasure
  10. The Coming Of Kohoutek
  11. Once Around The Sun
  12. Infinite Wanderer
  13. Circus
  14. Candles On The River

About this release

Argent was formed in 1969 by Rod Argent and Chris White, who had been the keyboard player and the bassist, and principal songwriters, in 60s hitmakers The Zombies. Chris White now assumed a writing and producing role, so Jim Rodford (Argent’s cousin and formerly with the Mike Cotton Sound) was recruited on bass. The line-up was completed by drummer Bob Henrit and guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Russ Ballard (both previously with The Roulettes and Unit 4 + 2).

The first two albums – “Argent” (1970) and “Ring Of Hands” (1971) – performed well but it was the third album “All Together Now” (1972) that catapulted the band to stardom. Written by Argent and White, first single “Hold Your Head Up” reached number 5 in both the UK and the US, where it sold over a million copies, and second single “Tragedy” also sold well.

The next album “In Deep” (1973) featured the massive rock anthem “God Gave Rock & Roll To You”, another worldwide hit, written by Russ Ballard. The song gained a new lease of life in 1991 when Kiss’s cover version was featured at the end of the film “Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey”. The album also included the hit “It’s Only Money (Pt 2)”.

This 28 track 2 CD compilation gathers all the hits and the cream of the album tracks, including Rod Argent’s “Christmas For The Free”, which feature virtuoso performances and amazing vocal harmonies. The booklet incudes annotation by Alan Robinson.