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Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee: The Greatest Woofs (CD)

Hey Duggee: The Greatest Woofs (CD)

Hey Duggee

  1. Hey Duggee
  2. A Cappella
  3. Stick Song feat. Grant Orchard
  4. Space Song
  5. Step By Step
  6. Singing
  7. Eggs
  8. Raindance
  9. Tippy Toes
  10. River
  11. Electric Eels
  12. Snowman
  13. Surprise
  14. Sandcastle
  15. Pineapples
  16. Sheep
  17. Pottery Part 1
  18. Fossil Part 1
  19. Paddling Pool
  20. What a Lovely Day
  21. Trojan Cheese
  22. Hair
  23. Chew Chew Tune
  24. Fossil Part 2
  25. Pottery Part 2
  26. Making Music
  27. Train
  28. Treehouse
  29. Detectives
  30. Creaky Castle
  31. Toothbrushing Song
  32. That Was Fun Wasn't It Duggee?

About this release

Crimson Productions are proud to present the first ever release of Hey Duggee best of ‘The Greatest Woofs’ on CD.

Hey Duggee is the multiple BAFTA and Emmy award-winning preschool series devised by Studio AKA.

Hey Duggee was the most-watched kids’ show of the year on BBC iPlayer in 2020 with over 192 million requests. Year to date in 2021, Hey Duggee continues to be a top performing children’s show on BBC iPlayer and CBeebies each month.

32 tracks featured on the CD from series 1, 2 and 3.

Highlights from the album include: fan favourite ‘Stick Song’ which has been viewed over 10.3 million times on YouTube, ‘A Cappella’, ‘Raindance’, ‘Toothbrushing Song’ and the brand new track ‘Step By Step’

Artwork has been specially designed by Studio AKA and the CD contains a sticker sheet, presented in a gatefold wallet