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Europe: Gold (3CD)

Europe: Gold (3CD)


  1. The Final Countdown
  2. Rock the Night
  3. Carrie
  4. Paradize Bay
  5. Stormwind
  6. Scream of Anger
  7. Treated Bad Again
  8. Wings of Tomorrow
  9. Wasted Time
  10. Lyin' Eyes
  11. Dance the Night Away
  12. Dreamer
  13. Aphasia
  14. Cherokee
  15. Love Chaser
  1. Ninja
  2. Heart of Stone
  3. Danger On the Track
  4. On the Loose
  5. Time Has Come
  6. Sweet Love Child
  7. On Broken Wings
  8. Superstitious
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Open Your Heart
  11. Let the Good Times Rock
  12. Sign of the Times
  13. Coast to Coast
  14. Lights and Shadows
  15. More Than Meets the Eye
  1. Ready or Not
  2. In The Future To Come
  3. Farewell
  4. Seven Doors Hotel
  5. Children Of This Time
  6. I'll Cry For You
  7. Prisoners In Paradise
  8. Talk To Me
  9. Halfway to Heaven
  10. Bad Blood
  11. Girl From Lebanon
  12. Seventh Sign
  13. All Or Nothing
  14. Yesterday's News
  15. The Final Countdown 2000

About this release

Crimson Gold presents Europe ‘Gold’, the only Europe compilation you’ll ever need.

The Swedish band fronted by Joey Tempest, represent 1980s rock. With big guitar solos, playing stadium rock anthems, the band achieved 5 top 40 chart hits in the UK.

The most famous being ‘The Final Countdown’. This definitive 3CD set features 45 tracks spanning the band’s most popular career. ‘The Final Countdown’ reaching UK number 1 in 1986 alongside; ‘Rock The Night’ UK 12, ‘Carrie’ UK 22, ‘Superstitious’ UK 34 and ‘I’ll Cry For You’ UK 28.

CD1 opens with his biggest hits ‘The Final Countdown’, followed by the bands two big singles ‘ ‘Rock The Night’ and ‘Carrie’.

CD 2 features big rock songs ’Ninja’ and ‘Heart of Stone’.

CD3 rounds off the set with a selection of other classics such as ‘Girl from Lebanon’, ‘Seven Door Hotel’ and ‘Final Countdown 2000’.