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David Soul

David Soul: Gold (1LP Gold Vinyl)

David Soul: Gold (1LP Gold Vinyl)

David Soul

  1. Let’s Have A Quiet Night In / Waking Up Alone
  2. To A Heart That’s True
  3. Silver Lady
  4. Beachwood Blues
  5. It Sure Brings Out The Love In Your Eyes
  6. You’re A Woman Now
  7. Tearing The Good Things Down
  8. Mean Old Woman / I Drink
  9. Jazzman
  10. Goodbye Gatsby
  11. Maybe We Can Work It Out
  12. Don’t Give Up On Us
  13. Fools For Each Other
  14. Going In With My Eyes Open

About this release

David Soul first shot to international fame as Hutch on the hit 1970s US crime-fighting television show Starsky & Hutch. But he actually started his career as a folksinger and after the phenomenal success of the television show David began an equally successful career as a singer and songwriter

From 1977 over a period of five years, David Soul put out four albums with hits including ‘Don’t Give up on Us, Baby’ and ‘Silver Lady’ both singles reached number 1 in the UK charts. This release also includes David’s later recordings.

This definitive collection features 14 tracks spanning David’s career– including ‘Going In With My Eyes Open’ (UK 2), ‘Let’s Have a Quiet Night In’ (UK 8), ‘It Sure Brings Out The Love In Your Eyes’ (UK 12), plus this two number one singles ‘Don’t Give up on Us’ and ‘Silver Lady’

Pressed on 180g heavyweight gold-coloured vinyl, housed in a printed inner sleeve and compiled by David himself

Also available as a comprehensive 3CD set featuring 44 tracks

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