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David James

David James: The Promise (CD)

David James: The Promise (CD)

David James

  1. Louisiana
  2. Woke Up In Love
  3. Killarney In My Dreams
  4. The Promise
  5. Go Rest High On That Mountain
  6. Best Of Friends Must Part
  7. Take Your Time
  8. Don't Take The Goodtimes For Granted (with Daniel O'Donnell)
  9. Beautiful As Usual
  10. Far Away In Australia
  11. I Wish I Was In Glasgow
  12. Back Home To Donegal

About this release

“The Promise” is David’s new album, featuring 12 great songs, including the singles ‘Don’t Take The Goodtimes For Granted’, ‘Killarney In My Dreams’, ‘Take Your Time’, ‘Woke Up In Love’ and and ‘Beautiful As Usual’, most of which are on CD for the first time.

David James’ love for country music started when he attended ‘The Country Fest’ in Letterkenny and then started performing at 14 years old, around the local pubs and clubs in counties Donegal/Derry & Tyrone.

David’s first taste of success came in the summer of 2016 when he released ‘My Donegal Doll’, which went to No.1 on the  iTunes Charts, with the video for the song going viral receiving 50,000 hits in just a matter of hours. It has since been viewed almost 250,000 times across all social media platforms.

David has released further singles to a high degree of success, proving that he is not a ‘flash in the pan’.

When David joined forces with true legend, Daniel O’Donnell in 2021 for the song ‘Don’t Take The Goodtimes For Granted’, his popularity soared rapidly. With more than TWO MILLION Audio and Promo Video streams with the single, David has now gained a foothold as an incredible talent.gained a foothold as an incredible talent.

As well as being a truly talented Artist, in addition to his singing career, David presents ‘The Jivetime Show’ on Highland Radio weekdays 2.30Radio weekdays 2.30–5pm. David is Highland Radio’s youngest broadcaster!

As a competitive Irish dancer, David has competed in The World Championships in Philadelphia, Montreal, Glasgow & Dublin. His biggest success was when he became World Champion in Dublin in April 2017. David and his team mates took gold in the ‘Senior Mixed Ceili’ competition.gold in the ‘Senior Mixed Ceili’ competition.

“The Promise” is a great introduction to this incredibly talented Singer, who has a very bright future ahead.