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Easy Listening

Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell: How Lucky I Must Be (CD)

Daniel O’Donnell: How Lucky I Must Be (CD)

Daniel O’Donnell

  1. How Lucky I Must Be
  2. Will You Dance With Me Annie
  3. After All
  4. Count All Your Blessings
  5. Leading Lady
  6. Mary Drew A Picture In My Mind
  7. God Has Angels
  8. Someday It Will All Make Sense
  9. I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You
  10. Only God Knows How Much I Love You
  11. The Flowers The Sunset The Trees
  12. Ring Of Gold And Gift Of Silver

About this release

After the success of ‘I Wish You Well’, Daniel returns to the studio with David Arkins. The twelve track album to be released in November is ‘HOW LUCKY I MUST BE‘HOW LUCKY I MUST BE’, featuring the Single title track, ‘After All’ ‘After All’ and and ‘God Has Angels’.

As he looks back at his long and successful recording and touring career, for which he shows no signs of slowing down, Daniel can appreciate the pleasure that he has brought to millions of his adoring fans, his selfless philanthropy and receiving his Honorary MBE for services to the music industry and charity.

With another stylish TV commercial to support the album’s release, Daniel remains as relevant today, as when he charted his first album in the 1980s.