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Glam Rock


T.Rex: Dandy In The Underworld (3CD Deluxe Book Set)

T.Rex: Dandy In The Underworld (3CD Deluxe Book Set)


  1. Dandy In The Underworld
  2. Crimson Moon
  3. Universe
  4. I'm A Fool For You Girl
  5. I Love To Boogie
  6. Visions Of Domino
  7. Jason B. Sad
  8. Groove A Little
  9. The Soul Of My Suit
  10. Hang-Ups
  11. Pain And Love
  12. Teen Riot Structure
  13. To Know You Is To Love You
  14. City Port
  15. Dandy In The Underworld [single version]
  16. Tame My Tiger
  17. Celebrate Summer
  1. I’m A Fool For You Girl [MRI studio outtake]
  2. I’m A Fool For You Girl [AIR rough mix]
  3. Universe [AIR rough mix]
  4. Hang-Ups [AIR alternate rough mix]
  5. Jason B. Sad [AIR rough mix]
  6. Jason B. Sad [AIR rough mix]
  7. Dandy In The Underworld [Trident; 2006 mix]
  8. Crimson Moon [Trident; 2006 mix]
  9. Pain And Love [Trident rough mix]
  10. Groove A Little [Trident rough studio rehearsal]
  11. Groove A Little [Trident instrumental working version]
  12. Groove A Little [Trident master/rough mix]
  13. The Soul Of My Suit [Trident rehearsal]
  14. The Soul Of My Suit [Trident master/rough mix]
  15. Punkoid Outtakes (Crimson Moon) [Trident working rough]
  1. The Soul Of My Suit [1975 solo version]
  2. Teen Riot Structure [acoustic solo]
  3. Teen Riot Structure [Marc and Gloria]
  4. Universe [acoustic]
  5. Mellow Love [Marc and Gloria]
  6. To Know You Is To Love You
  7. Tame My Tiger [Gloria vocal]
  8. Tame My Tiger [2006 mix]
  9. Hot George [2006 mix]
  10. Love And The Foxey Boy [2006 mix]
  11. Shy Boy [2006 mix]
  12. 20th Century Baby [2006 mix]
  13. Celebrate Summer [2006 mix]
  14. Love Drunk [2006 mix]
  15. Mellow Love [2006 mix]
  16. Write Me A Song [2006 mix]
  17. Love Drunk [monitor mix]
  18. Celebrate Summer [monitor mix]
  19. Demo – song idea
  20. Sing Me A Song [rough mix]
  21. Endless Sleep [rough mix]

About this release

Following the success of Edsel’s book sets of the ‘Tanx’ + ‘Zinc Alloy’ albums, and ‘Bolan’s Zip Gun’ + ‘Futuristic Dragon’, as well as ‘Born To Boogie’, we now present the final T. Rex album, 1977’s “Dandy In The Underworld”.

Produced by Marc Bolan, the album features the hit singles “I Love To Boogie” (# 13), “Dandy In the Underworld” and “The Soul Of My Suit”. “Celebrate Summer”, the last single released in Bolan’s lifetime, is included as a bonus track along with several other non-album A- and B-sides.

For this deluxe media book edition, we have added 36 bonus outtakes, demos and alternate mixes, 20 of which are previously unreleased. These have been mastered from original first generation tapes in the possession of two dedicated fans – this is the first time these tapes have been used.

The book features a brand new 9,500+ word note by acknowledged Bolan authority, Mojo writer Mark Paytress, as well as an interview with friend Steve Harley, plus a fan’s first-hand account of one of the concerts on the “Dandy” UK tour, Bolan’s last tour. The book also features ephemera, press clippings and photos from the era, from fans’ collections.