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Chris Difford

Chris Difford: Chris To the Mill: The Solo Albums (3LP)

Chris Difford: Chris To the Mill: The Solo Albums (3LP)

Chris Difford

  1. Tight Rope
  2. For A Change
  3. Cowboys Are My Weakness
  4. No Show Jones
  5. A World That Passed Me
  6. One Day
  7. Playing With Electric Trains
  8. Lamas Fayre
  9. Trafalgar Square
  10. Parents
  1. Come On Down
  2. Broken Family
  3. Battersea Boys
  4. On My Own I’m Never Bored
  5. Julian And Sandy
  6. Julian And Sandy
  7. My Mother’s Handbag
  8. Fat As A Fiddle
  9. The Gates Of Eden
  10. Reverso
  11. Never Coming Back
  12. Good Life
  13. The Party’s Over
  1. 1975
  2. Like I Did
  3. The Still And The Sparkling
  4. Back In The Day
  5. Sidney Street
  6. Cotton Tops
  7. Upgrade Me
  8. Who’d Ever Want To Be
  9. Passion Killer
  10. Goldfish
  11. Wrecked
  12. Happy Once Again

About this release

Chris Difford’s place in the pantheon of great English songwriters is assured – surely nearly everyone can sing along to at least one Squeeze song.

So in anticipation of the new Squeeze album “The Knowledge” (and extensive UK and US tours this autumn), and following Chris’s autobiography and demos album as well as Edsel’s CD box set of Difford’s three solo albums [I DIDN’T GET WHERE I AM (2002), THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIS (2008) and CASHMERE IF YOU CAN (2011)], we now present all three albums on vinyl, with outer and inner sleeves, gathered together in a handsome rigid slipcase.

Of these only the first album has appeared briefly on LP before – “The Last Temptation…” and “Cashmere…” make their vinyl debuts.

The inner sleeves feature all the album lyrics, track-by-track sleevenotes and brand new notes by Chris about the writing and recording of each album.