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Chas & Dave

Chas & Dave’s Knees Up: Jamboree Bag No.2 (Digital)

Chas & Dave’s Knees Up: Jamboree Bag No.2 (Digital)

Chas & Dave

  1. Come Round And Hear My Gramophone/Rye House/I’m Not All There/Carolina
  2. Anniversary Waltz (Oh How We Danced)/Hot Meat Pies Savaloys An’ Trotters/ Rufus Rastas/Billy Muggins/I’m An Airman/Black And White Rag
  3. I Wanna Say Hello/Aunty Skinners Chicken Dinner/Hard Up And Happy/Oh It’s A Windy Night Tonight/End Of Me Ol’ Cigar/Eleven More Months
  4. How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm?/While London Sleeps/Alabama Bound/ Pickin’ All The Big Ones Out/A Proper Cup O’Coffee/Beer Belly Banjos
  5. The Sideboard Song/Breakfast In Bed/Sweet Violets/Slap Bang/Walla Walla
  6. What Happens After The Ball/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/Down Fell The Pony In A Fit/ Ya Can’t Help Laughin’ Can Ya/Come Round And Hear My Gramophone/Sling Your Hook
  7. But I Do/When The Leaves Come Tumblin’ Down/Someday/Near You
  8. Why Didn’t You Tell Me/Walkin’ My Baby Back Home/Black Hills Of Dakota/You Got Love
  9. Just A Little Lovin’/The Clouds Will Soon Roll By/You’re The One Rose/Whispering/Every Little While
  10. I Used To Sigh For The Silvery Moon/I Wanna Go Back To The Farm/Down Where The Swanee River Flows/I’ll String Along With You/My Melancholy Baby
  11. Halfway To Heaven/I’m Afraid To Open Your Letter/Bye Bye Blues
  12. Let Me Call You Sweetheart/Cruisin’ Down The River/Up In My Bonny Balloon
  13. Jealous Of You/If Those Lips Could Only Speak/I’ll Be Your Sweetheart
  14. The Thieving Magpie/Are We To Part Like This Bill?/My Ol’ Gal’s A Good Ol’ Gal/After The Ball
  15. Mustn’t Grumble/Down At The Ol’ Bull & Bush/Playin’ The Game In The West/When You Came My Way
  16. Rainbow/I Want Something To Practice On/Let’s Start All Over Again/Nobody Noticed Me/ I’ve Got My Eye On You
  17. Golden Dreamboat/At 10 O’clock At Night/Now Is The Hour

About this release

Digital Version of Chas & Dave’s Christmas Jamboree Bag No2. The Box Set ‘Enjoy Yourself’ is also viable to purchase on CD or Download.