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Classic Pop

Belinda Carlisle

Belinda Carlisle: Decades Volume 3: Cornucopia (4CD)

Belinda Carlisle: Decades Volume 3: Cornucopia (4CD)

Belinda Carlisle

  1. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [single mix]
  2. Dancing In The City
  3. In My Wildest Dreams
  4. Only A Dream
  5. The Air You Breathe
  6. Bless The Beasts And The Children
  7. Change [8-track demo]
  8. Too Much Water [8 track demo]
  9. Wrap My Arms [demo]
  10. Here Comes My Baby [demo]
  11. Christmas Lullaby
  12. I See No Ships
  13. Jealous Guy
  14. Love Walks In
  15. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
  1. Whatcha Doin' To Me [demo]
  2. Don't Cry [demo]
  3. Submission
  4. All God’s Children
  5. A Prayer For Everyone
  6. Feels Like I’ve Known You Forever
  7. Sun
  8. Goodbye Just Go
  9. Why
  10. Superstar
  11. If You Could Read My Mind
  12. I Need You To Turn To
  13. Both Sides, Now
  14. Get Together
  1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [single mix]
  2. I Get Weak [7” version]
  3. Circle In The Sand [7” version]
  4. I Feel Free [7” version]
  5. World Without You [7” remix]
  6. Love Never Dies [7” version]
  7. Leave A Light On [7” version]
  8. La Luna [7” version]
  9. Runaway Horses [single version]
  10. Vision Of You [7” version]
  11. (We Want) The Same Thing [Summer remix]
  12. Summer Rain [7” edit]
  13. Valentine [remix edit]
  14. Vision Of You [‘91 Remix]
  15. Live Your Life Be Free [single version]
  16. Do You Feel Like I Feel [single version]
  17. I Plead Insanity [single mix]
  1. Live Your Life Be Free [radio edit]
  2. Lay Down Your Arms [single edit]
  3. All God’s Children [edit]
  4. A Prayer For Everyone [edit]
  5. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Dyme Brothers 7” Mix]
  6. I Get Weak [US 7” mix]
  7. Sun [edit]
  8. I Feel Free [live]
  9. Circle In The Sand [live]
  10. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]
  11. In Too Deep [acoustic live version]
  12. Circle In The Sand [acoustic live version]
  13. Big Scary Animal [live]
  14. I Get Weak [live]
  15. Leave A Light On [live]
  16. Live Your Life Be Free [live]
  17. In Too Deep [live]
  18. Heaven Is A Place On Earth [live]

About this release

Following on from Belinda Carlisle’s worldwide “Decades” tour of 2022-23, the Edsel label is proud to present the third volume in the series of media book sets of Belinda’s recordings.

This third 4 CD set is a collection of non-album A-sides and B-sides, contributions to soundtracks and compilations, new studio recordings (2013 – 2021, issued together for the first time), 7-inch single versions, and live B-sides.

Throughout her career, Belinda has recorded many tracks that were released as A-sides and B-sides but were not included on her albums. She has also recorded several one-off songs for film soundtracks and themed compilation albums and across CDs 1 and 2 of this collection we have featured as many of these recordings as we have been able to compile.

We have also been able to include eight new recordings Belinda has made since 2013 with producer and arranger Gabe Lopez. Many of Belinda’s hit singles featured 7-inch versions different from the album versions and these are featured on CDs 3 and 4. The fourth CD completes the set with eleven live recordings, all originally released as B-sides.

The 32-page booklet is illustrated with the original sleeves of many of the releases, along with annotation.