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Appleton: Everything’s Eventual (1LP Purple Vinyl + Print) HMV EXCLUSIVE

Appleton: Everything’s Eventual (1LP Purple Vinyl + Print) HMV EXCLUSIVE


  1. Fantasy
  2. Don't Worry
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Everything Eventually
  5. M.W.A.
  6. Ring-A-Ding-Ding
  7. Supernaturally
  8. All Grown Up
  9. Waiting For Your Love
  10. 5AM
  11. Long Long Road
  12. Anyone

About this release

First time ever on vinyl for this stellar pop gem from Natalie and Nicole Appleton.

This long overdue LP issue of ‘Everything’s Eventual’ comes overseen by Natalie and Nicole, and includes full lyrics and a message to fans in the notes.

Presented on 140g purple vinyl and also including a signed print from the album sleeve’s original photo shoot.

Following the 2001 break-up of the iconic All Saints in 2001, the band’s Canadian sisters signed to Polydor as a duo and embarked upon the writing and recording that would lead to their debut – and so far only – album, ‘Everything’s Eventual’.

Taking its title from a collection of Stephen King’s short stories, the release of “Everything’s Eventual’ was preceded by two smash hit singles – the strident calling card of ‘Fantasy’, a UK No. 2, and the dreamy sophisti-pop of ‘Don’t Worry’, which reached No. 7. The subsequent album showcased a mature and chic collection of immaculately crafted and produced songs, the likes of which All Saints fans had come to anticipate. In the UK ‘Everything’s Eventual’ was certified silver almost immediately.

Fast forward twenty years to 2023 and the original All Saints line-up, including the Appletons, are once again established as a successful touring unit with a string of sold-out shows under the belt and hugely engaged and loyal fanbase.