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New Wave

Ace Of Base

Ace Of Base: All That She Wants (4LP Coloured Vinyl)

Ace Of Base: All That She Wants (4LP Coloured Vinyl)

Ace Of Base

  1. All That She Wants
  2. Don't Turn Around
  3. Young And Proud
  4. The Sign
  5. Living in Danger
  6. Voulez Vous Danser
  7. Happy Nation
  8. Hear Me Calling
  9. Waiting For Magic [Total Remix 7"]
  10. Fashion Party
  11. Wheel of Fortune
  12. Dancer In A Daydream
  13. My Mind [Mindless Mix]
  14. All That She Wants [Bhangra version]
  1. Beautiful Life
  2. Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
  3. Lucky Love
  4. Edge Of Heaven
  5. Strange Ways
  6. Ravine
  7. Perfect World
  8. Angel Eyes
  9. Whispers In Blindness
  10. My Déjà Vu
  11. Wave Wet Sand
  12. Que Sera
  13. Just 'N' Image
  14. Experience Pearls
  15. Blooming 18
  1. Life Is A Flower
  2. Always Have, Always Will
  3. Cruel Summer
  4. Travel To Romantis
  5. Adventures In Paradise
  6. Dr. Sun
  7. Cecilia
  8. He Decides
  9. I Pray
  10. Tokyo Girl
  11. Don't Go Away
  12. Captain Nemo
  13. Donnie
  14. Everytime It Rains
  1. Unspeakable
  2. Beautiful Morning
  3. Remember The Words
  4. Da Capo
  5. World Down Under
  6. Ordinary Day
  7. Wonderful Life
  8. Show Me Love
  9. What's The Name Of The Game
  10. Change With The Light
  11. Hey Darling
  12. The Juvenile

About this release

Demon Records presents Ace of Base ‘All That She Wants’ –4LP vinyl boxset featuring the classic albums; ‘Happy Nation’, ‘The Bridge’, ‘Flowers’ and ‘Da Capo’ presented in a slip case.

Ace of Base are one of the most successful pop groups who ruled the charts in the 1990s, producing inescapable pop singles, including 10 UK top 40 singles.

Hits include; #1 world wide chart topper ‘All That She Wants’, alongside ‘The Sign’, ‘Don’t Turn Around’, ‘Life Is A Flower’, ‘Cruel Summer’, ‘Beautiful Life’.

The boxset includes:

Happy Nation – 1993 album reissued on green vinyl 180g. This album reached number one in the UK
The Bridge – 1995 album reissued on red vinyl 180g
Flowers – 1998 album reissued on blue vinyl 180g and reached 15 in the UK charts
Da Capo –2002 album issued on vinyl for the first time. Issued on yellow vinyl 180g

With original artwork and printed inner sleeves